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Fic: King Nothing

Title: King Nothing
Author: redseeker
Rating: PG-13 so far, NC-17 overall
Pairing or Character(s): Starscream, original characters, ensemble. OCs/Starscream, Optimus/Starscream, Megatron/Starscream
Summary: 1000 years after the battle of Earth, Starscream awakes on a distant planet.
Disclaimer: TFA isn't mine. The original characters are, but obviously not the canon characters.
Warning(s): None that I can think of at the moment, aside from some violence and mild robot-gore. There will be sticky slash later on.
Author's Note: I started out writing a Megatron/Starscream story, but then plot happened. I have three chapters posted so far, but this is a long fic, and the first of a trilogy if all goes to plan. I don't have a beta, so I apologise for any errors. Yes it is named after a Metallica song, lol.

Chapter I - The Wasteland
Chapter II - Driver
Chapter III - Once a Decepticon, Always a Decepticon